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Sense of Self

The way I perceive my sense of self is “ How I see myself, my self image!”

This maybe something only I perceive and constantly criticise it could be exactly how I truly am or so far from the truth. It’s a combination of my Beliefs and Values tied in with what society deems acceptable and appropriate. This changes over time through experience and maturity.

I think it's only natural to continually evolve, from infants moving to toddlers, teenagers partying to young adults and mid life creeping into older age. We are always changing and seeing things in a different way so its inevitable our sense of self changes along the way and that we potentially have different senses of selves at any one time. This can be down to how were “expected” to act in a work place, social environment or family situation. We would all love to believe that our friends and family “know us`’ however I believe that is never the case, no matter how open and honest you are the only person that truly knows you is YOU.

I believe it is nearly impossible to maintain a strong sense of self if you still break promises to yourself. Every time you break a promise to yourself, no matter how insignificant it may seem, it begins to eat away at your inner sense of trust and confidence, you start to lose trust in yourself. I rarely break promises I make to myself. I do not make commitments that I'm not prepared to follow through on. I am true to myself in every way I can be. I love to explore and place equal importance on exploring myself. I rarely stick to what is familiar and don’t depend on another persons involvement in order to pursue something. I take full responsibility for my decisions and commitments.

A solid sense of self will lead to a full and happy life.

I am no longer a follower of life I am the leader of my life.

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