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Pregnancy, Birth / Loss and Parenting are all huge life altering events.

Our minds change and there can be little support to manage all we are going through. Societal pressures can cloud and mislead us making us feel like we're not thriving when in fact we are.


From what I have seen through my own experiences of loss, pregnancy, birth, independent parenting and beyond

it is a vast unknown territory, there are a certain amount of givens however for the most part

do any of us really know what we are doing?

We are in essence all products of our parents parenting, the learnt behaviours and core beliefs that were instilled in our childhoods will most definitely have some bearing on how we parent. There is an array of guides and should’s and shouldn’t do’s out there but lets be honest we are all individuals and so are our children, there is no one size fits all.

For many parents, myself included, there is a huge sense of responsibility, pressure and loss of self and this can have devastating affects on our wellbeing and our children's.

For mothers there is a neurological and hormonal change ( See Blog ) which is overlooked and not widely known.


Talking about things openly and honestly can help to normalise the daily struggles and feelings we all have, being able to address this in a safe & confidential space can make a huge difference to how we function day to day and decrease the chances of Parental Burnout ( See Blog ) You are not in this alone, I would like to offer a supportive role to assist you around whatever situation you are tackling.

I have a keen interest in supporting Parents around areas such as Independent Parenting, Emotional Well Being, Carrying the Mental Load, Parental Guilt, Pressures, Responsibility and Burnout, Parenting Issues , Post Natal Depression, Abortion & Pregnancy. 


“Sometimes parenting is about drawing closer to our children, and sometimes it’s about noticing that we don’t have the capacity to do that.”


When you feel like the latter is the case, focus on how to best take care of yourself so you can take care of your kids.


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