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"The most important relationship you will ever have is the one you have with yourself"

Even the strongest among us can feel lost, unsure, ambivalent, or unhappy at times. As a professional Psychotherapist based in Exeter, I can help you understand and manage whatever life throws at you. I believe that you have the strength not just to survive, but to truly thrive.

Counselling is a great way of exploring what is happening in your life and understanding all the how, why, what, where and when of your life or your present circumstance. It allows you to take stock and to look at issues perhaps in a different light.


Psychotherapist | Clinical Supervisor | Facilitator

Lauren Elliott Vincent BA Hons

MBACP (Accred)

NCPS Accredited Professional Registrant


My career started out after undertaking counselling myself and seeing the huge benefit it can have. 

I have a lot of life experience and understanding of the importance of life and the struggles we all face, through my own trials and professional workings.

I am an Exeter based Trauma Informed Integrative Psychotherapist,

Clinical Supervisor & Facilitator.

 I am able to draw on a variety of methods and techniques to best assist you

maintaining very relaxed, patient led sessions giving you the opportunity

to grow and develop as best you can, helping you to help yourself.


I like to provide an engaging and easy-going therapy style. I don’t believe in forcing therapy if it is not something you enjoy and benefit from. I choose to practice a modern approach to mental health counselling that speaks to the population I work with that also feels truest to me. We can together create a safe space that will at times be uncomfortable which I lean into by being direct and non avoidant.

My approach is based on working in the here and now looking at whats going on for you whilst also paying attention to attachment and unfinished cycles in the past. I intertwine this by using creative ways of working which I find to help deepen the sessions.

I am a qualified trauma informed psychotherapist and offer NET ( Narrative Exposure Therapy) to clients where appropriate.

Here are a few examples of how I run my modern private practice:


✖️ Have an office that is stuffy and blah-feeling.

✖️ Sit & stare at you in silence.

✖️ Ask you “how do you feel about that?” over & over.


✔️ Stay relevant.

✔️ Walk along side you on your journey rather than authority.

✔️ Sit in the room WITH you.

✔️ Tailor my approach to the client’s individual needs instead of using blanket approaches.

✔️ Welcome real language in session (sometimes that includes cursing). I want you to show up as yourself.

I offer both long and short term counselling dependant on your needs.

I specialise in therapy for Survivors of Domestic Abuse and Trauma, I have a wider knowledge and interest in Relationships, Men's Therapy, Women's Empowerment and Parenthood. However thats not to say I only see clients needing therapy for this.

My door is always open to everyone.

My daily work is helping people deal with a wide variety of conditions. 

Abuse | Abortion | Anxiety | Affairs | Attachment | Anger | Betrayal

| Bereavement | Career | Couples | Depression | Divorce | Domestic Abuse

| Family & Relationships | Family Estrangement |Low Self Esteem

| Low Self Confidence  | Loss | Miscarriage | Menopause |Men's Therapy | Narcissism |

Narcissistic Abuse | Peri Menopause |Pregnancy and Birth | Independent Parenting

| Sexual Abuse | Stress | Separation| Trauma | Women's Empowerment

I have facilitated Domestic Abuse Recovery, Pattern Change & Parent Support Groups for organisations and run my own 6 week support group, Together We Thrive.

I hold Accredited Membership with the BACP & an Accredited Professional Registrant with the NCPS


I have qualifications in the following:

  • Advanced Certificate in Clinical Supervision & Online Working 

  • NET Fundamentals & Training Trauma Informed Therapy trained by NET

  • Foundation In Integrative Sandplay Therapy

  • PG Cert in Tutoring & Coaching - Level 7

  • BA Honours Degree 2.1 in Integrative Counselling - Level 6

  • FDA in Integrative Counselling - Level 5 

  • Level 3 Certificate in Counselling

Continued Personal Development Qualifications

  • Fundamentals of Working With Couples NCIP

  • Working With Trauma Triggers and Flashbacks

  • Trauma Informed Interventions for Therapists

  • Dealing with Narcissism Diploma

  •   Complicated Matters - The links between experiences of domestic & sexual violence, problematic substance abuse and mental ill health.

  • Level 2 in The Nature and Impact of Domestic Abuse and Violence

  • Certificate of Awareness of Domestic Violence and Abuse

  • Sexual Abuse - Dealing with Disclosures

  • Trauma Defined: The Body Keeps Score

  •  Couples & Family Therapy Diploma

  • Exploring Positive Emotions

  • Developing Playfulness & A Creative Practice

  • Developing Creative Practice - Enabling creative contact with clients

  • Coaching 101

  • Introduction to Mentoring

  • Life Coaching Introduction

  • Introduction to Mindfulness

  • Transactional Analysis 101

  • Existential Therapy Workshop



  • Level 2 Children And Young Peoples Mental Health

  • Safeguarding - Protecting Children, Young People & Adults

  • Safeguarding Group 2 & 3


  • Excellence in Volunteering -200 Hours

  • How to do counselling online: a coronavirus primer


Vincent Van Gogh

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

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